New Chairs in Communication Economics

Communication Economics – New endowed chairs at
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and Freie Universität Berlin

 Professorships are offered to applicants worldwide

New York, October 12, 2022 - The Deutsche Telekom Foundation has chosen
Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich and Freie Universität Berlin to receive
new professorships for research and teaching.


The Chair for CommunicationEconomics will deepen the ties of LMU with both the private sector and the Freie
Universität in Berlin which has received the other position, the Chair for Value-Adding
Knowledge Management.
The professorships are briefed with cooperating and exchanging knowledge in these
cutting-edge fields. Together they will explore the effects of the information and
knowledge society on businesses and on individuals in the value-adding process.
Ludwig Maximilian University and Freie Universität have been successively
establishing this kind of networking since they reached a strategic partnership
agreement last year and formed the German University Alliance.
As part of the LMU Faculty of Business Administration, the Chair for Communication
Economics will expand the faculty’s information and innovation research. Its work will
focus on the digitalization of the telecoms sector, covering topics like internet
telephony, technology strategies in telecoms companies and TIME convergence
(telecoms, internet, media and entertainment).
“These issues will be analyzed from a business management perspective with wellgrounded
technical expertise,” LMU Rector Professor Bernd Huber emphasizes. “In
this way, the research and teaching of the new Chair for Communication Economics
are the ideal addition to the focus on information, communications and innovation
management already existing at our Faculty of Business Administration.”
In concert, the Freie Universität’s Chair for Value-Adding Knowledge Management
will examine knowledge generation, knowledge-transfer, and knowledge-oriented
organization structures. “Currently research on the many business and economic
questions that arise in connection with the management of knowledge capital is
sparse or nonexistent,” says Professor Dieter Lenzen, President Freie Universität
Berlin. “Making a major contribution there will be the mission of the new chair.”
“Also,” Lenzen adds, “with the support of the Telekom Foundation, we will be able to
further expand our alliance with the Ludwig Maximilian University. This is a further
step toward intensifying our cooperation in steering the universities in academic
research and instruction.”
The LMU chair will be integrated into its Center for Digital Technology and
Management (CDTM) and the Center for Internet Research and Media Integration
(CIM). The CDTM is a center of excellence of LMU and the Technische Universität
Munich and a member of Bavaria’s Elite Network. The ZIM – a joint initiative of the
LMU Faculty of Business Administration, Institute for Communication Science and
Media Research and Institute for Computer Science – offers a platform for
interdisciplinary projects on the transformation of the media and communication
The Deutsche Telekom Foundation will be funding the Ludwig Maximilian University’s
chair for seven years and the Freie Universität’s chair for five. The chairs are offered
to applicants worldwide and are to be filled by 1 April 2006.
German University Alliance
Irmintraud Jost

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