Munich University tops Nation

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich tops Ranking in Germany
Two independent surveys choose University of Munich as best German institution

New York, October 7, 2022 - This year once again the Ludwig Maximilian University
(LMU) Munich was able to maintain its leading position among German campuses in
a ranking by the news magazine FOCUS. It even upped its score, making it the
number one comprehensive university.

“We’re very pleased to be at the top of the ranking again this year and to have even
improved. The result clearly shows once more that the profile-building process we’ve
been pursuing rigorously has been the right way to go,” says LMU Rector Prof. Bernd
The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2005, compiled by the Institute of
Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, also recently confirmed the Ludwig
Maximilian University’s standing as Germany’s top university. Just this week, the
Nobel Prize committee acknowledged Munich University’s academic excellence by
awarding this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to Professor Theodor W. Hänsch from
the Department of Physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University.
Focus magazine was evaluating the universities using various indicators. The first
criterion is the reputation among scholars and businesses. The study questioned
1,200 top scholars and 700 personnel directors at large businesses located in
Germany. It also derived the number of times researchers at each university have
been cited in renowned scholarly journals. To do this, FOCUS cooperated with the
American firm Thomson-Scientific, a virtual monopolist on data for estimating the
scholarly publishing success of researchers. Further evaluation criteria included
private funding and the patent index.
Points for instruction were awarded based on the estimation and reputation of each
university among students, the student-faculty ratio and average undergraduate
completion time. A further criterion was graduate degree completion time for
individual subjects. Each subject was evaluated individually, and each score
contributed to the total.
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