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LMU Munich attracts a great number of highly motivated international students every year - 15 percent of its 44,000 students come from countries other than Germany. Some 6,500 students from abroad pursue a degree here, while some additional 500 students spend a semester or two at LMU Munich as exchange students from partner universities or as participants in LMU’s Junior Year Abroad programs.

The International Office is the first port of call for students from all over the world who are interested in completing a degree here or just visiting for a semester or a year, as well as for students from LMU Munich who want to spend some time studying abroad.

LMU Munich offers support for international students through a variety of services that are continually improved. Because of this, LMU - along with 100 other universities from Germany - joined the Code of Conduct.

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Admission Info

The academic year is officially divided into two semesters:

Winter semester (WiSe): 1 October - 31 March
Summer semester (SoSe): 1 April - 30 September

Classes are held during the lecture period, or Vorlesungszeit, which is from mid-October to mid-February for the winter term and from mid-April to late July for the summer term. Term papers are usually written afterwards during the semester breaks. There is no set exam period.

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LMU Int’l Student Guide

To get international students off to a good start and provide personal assistance during their stay, LMU Munich offers a broad range of services, cooperating with numerous partners on aspects from finding accommodation to familiarization and integration programs and language courses.

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LMU on iTunes U

Launched in May 2007 in cooperation with leading North American universities and educational institutions, Apple expanded iTunes U into Europe at the beginning of 2009. Along with RWTH Aachen, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, and Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), LMU Munich was one of the first continental European universities to offer its educational podcasts globally. LMU remains one among few universities in Germany that produces free distribution content for iTunes U and has a relatively large database of English and German content. LMU on iTunes U stands out in terms of its broad thematic range and distinguishes itself as a true “universitas” by offering content regarding its profile, research, courses of study, and university life.

iTunes U (University) serves as an educational portal within iTunes Store.

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Learn German

While at LMU you have many opportunities to learn German!

One of them is to check out the language courses offered at DKFA. You can read their newsletter (in German) here and also look at relevant links for their website!

There is also the International University Club Munich (IUCM) which offers various language courses.


LMU Exchange Agreement

Find out whether your university has an exchange agreement with LMU.

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