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Freie Universität Berlin offers more than 160 degree programs in all subject areas. The university’s Info-Service which responds to about 160,000 queries annually, provides comprehensive advice services for students beginning with the application process and continuing throughout their courses of study. Exchange programs for students have played an important role from the very beginning on.

Currently, Freie Universität participates in the European Tempus and Erasmus programs and also maintains agreements with numerous brilliant universities for direct exchange. Junior researchers are supported in Ph.D. programs under the auspices of Dahlem Research School. Many well-known personalities from politics and society studied and taught at Freie Universität.


If you intend to apply to one of our programs you should use the information on study programs, admission and application modalities.
If your qualification is not recognized as sufficient to apply for a degree program, you may apply for a one-year school-type preparation at the Studienkolleg. The final assessment exam entitles you to apply for suitable degree programs at all German universities.
Freie Universität offers the Summer and Winter University FUBiS as well as the FU-BEST program for international students and graduates who like to gain first insights into German culture and language.

Chronicle Article

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Academic Destination features Germany and the article (linked below) highlights Doctoral Research. With the spotlight on one American Doctoral student’s experience - Chris Popeney who’s research took him to FUB - the article is able to provide insight for others who may want to follow in his footsteps.

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