An undergraduate degree program is a study program that leads to the student's first degree or diploma for higher education. This category includes Bachelor's degree programs, but also programs toward the state exam (Staatsexamen), Diplom or Magister degrees. Master's degree programs, by contrast, are always graduate programs, which means that admission always requires that the student has successfully completed an undergraduate program first. In Germany, agreements laid out by the Conference of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz) state that undergraduate programs that lead directly to a master's degree are not permitted.

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Master Programs

FUB offers a variety of masters courses in all fields. While the main language of teaching is German, FUB offers some excellent programs in English as well. 

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Doctoral Studies

As one of nine Germany's leading universities Freie Universität Berlin offers high quality doctoral education. In the Excellence Initiative competition Freie Universität was awarded additional funding for its outstanding graduate programs to promote young researchers.

Individual Doctorate

The individual doctorate ("Apprenticeship Model") - independent research under supervision of a so-called "Doktorvater" or "Doktormutter" - is still the most common way to pursue a doctorate in Germany. This usually provides greater freedom as far as the choice of subject is concerned. An individual doctorate can principally be accomplished in any subject area represented by a professorship at Freie Universität Berlin. Requirement for acceptance as a doctoral candidate is generally a very good final degree. Individual doctoral students do not automatically take part in a qualification program.

Structured Doctoral Education

Pursuing doctoral studies in a structured doctoral program, selected doctoral candidates come together to work on projects related to a common interdisciplinary research topic. An accompanying study program prepares doctoral candidates for the research tasks. Currently, Freie Universität is offering the following opportunities:

Graduate Schools
Research Training Groups
Other Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Education at Dahlem Research School (DRS)

At Freie Universität Berlin particularly outstanding structured doctoral programs are comprised under the umbrella of Dahlem Research School . Doctoral candidates of DRS-member programs benefit from an interdisciplinary course program in which transferable skills applicable to a range of future careers in academia and beyond can be acquired. The Welcome Center offers special services to its international young researchers and hosts Orientation Weeks for newly admitted doctoral candidates.

Program Structure

Higher Education in Germany can be varied and structures of programs are not easy to understand for international students. Towards this end, FUB has created a easy to understand website to understand the different programs and the study structure of these programs. 

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Academic Opportunities

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This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a place to start researching and exploring opportunities available both in FUB and LMU.