German University Alliance provides services for faculty, scholars, students, researchers and alumni of FUB and LMU. We are here for any questions regarding collaboration with universities in North America as well as possible questions and queries regarding our two home institutions in Germany. Often we represent FUB and LMU at student fairs, recruitment events as well as present to international offices the various programs and interesting academic endeavors in Berlin and Munich. For any specific queries regarding studying abroad, research and collaboration in Berlin and/or Munich please contact info[at]

Experts for Media

Both LMU &FUB; provide a unique Experts service that can help media professionals in a wide variety of subjects! 

LMU Directory of Experts (in German only)

FUB Experts for Media as well as an interesting section on Topics for Journalists

Alumni Services

If you are / have been a member of FUB and/or LMU and would like to be involved in alumni activities please contact nayar[at]

We are committed to organize and bring together alumni of both institutions in meaningful gatherings that are both accessible as well as informational - your input, suggestions and active participation truly shape the nature of Alumni Connect!

You Should Know

For students looking for financial assistance and scholarship opportunities - the DAAD Scholarship-Database is a great resource for finding information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and post docs as well as on funding offered by other selected organizations.