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Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking
*New* In the latest edition of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking, LMU retains its position in 29th place in the overall table, and once more tops the list of German universities.
QS World Ranking
LMU ranks 65 in the overall QS World Ranking! In the subject wise rankings you can see that in Chemistry it ranks 27, Modern Languages 30 and in Legal Studies 28 bringing Munich and Germany to the spotlight in some of the key fields and areas!
LMU defends its top position
The results for the fifth year of the European Research Council’s funding programs show that LMU was again among the most successful competitors. Ten LMU researchers were awarded prestigious ERC grants, each worth around 2 million euros. Six of them received Advanced Investigator Grants and Starting Grants went to four others. The total amount of ERC funding acquired by applicants from LMU last year was approximately 19.5 million euros.

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LMU Excellent!
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München has once again taken the top spot in the German Excellence Initiative: In the Second Phase of the competition all of the proposals submitted have been selected for funding by the German Research Foundation and the German Science Council. For more information about LMU's Excellence initiative please click here.
LMU Press
LMU's Services for International Media office serves as the interface between the university and the public. Domestic and international media can access news and background information on the latest developments in courses of study, teaching programs, research, and university life at LMU. The website also serves as the primary point of contact for journalists wishing to report on the university. LMU's Press office advises the institutions of LMU on all aspects of public relations and communication, as well as on corporate design and corporate wording.