Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin's Graduate School for North American Studies offers 10 doctoral grants. Deadline for application is January 31, 2023

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Berlin Mathematical School

Call for Applications! The Berlin Mathematical School offers a fast-track doctoral program in the rapidly developing scientific landscape of Berlin presenting an exciting variety of possibilities both for mathematical research and graduate education. As a BMS student, you will join a diverse community of fellow graduate students coming from over 50 countries around the world.
Deadline: Dec 1, 2022 (for applications requesting scholarships) & May 1, 2022 (for applications not requesting scholarships).

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Individual Doctorate

The individual doctorate ("Apprenticeship Model") - independent research under supervision of a so-called "Doktorvater" or "Doktormutter" - is still the most common way to pursue a doctorate in Germany. This usually provides greater freedom as far as the choice of subject is concerned. An individual doctorate can principally be accomplished in any subject area represented by a professorship at FUB or LMU. 


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